Print Request


Are you after a print of a specific piece that I don't have in stock?

I usually do a very small print run of pieces (10 or less) - it is not possible for me to have stock of all pieces! So, if you'd like a print of something I've previously sold, you can request it here. The price is higher than for my normal prints as it is more costly and time consuming for me to get just one print.

PLEASE write a reference in the order notes with the name of the piece or adescription (e.g. "Uncertainty", "the drawing with the pigeon" etc.).

I can also get custom prints made of something I've never sold before, provided that you message me first. I will have to check if the file is suitable for printing; I might email you a mock-up of what it'll look like. I will then tell you to place an order using this blank product. If you would like a differently sized print, please also message me and I can see what I can do!

All prints are on the same paper as the rest of my prints (uncoated 300gsm white), and are A4 size.

It will take a few weeks to get these printed and dispatched. If it's urgent, please message me! I work with a local printer here in Edinburgh.

The images show some of the pieces I've printed custom and old prints I no longer have stock of.


Calculates at checkout - please view the "Delivery" page for more info.