About me

About me

My name is Lesley, and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I went to art school (twice!) and currently work a part-time job while also making comics and illustrations. I started sharing them on Instagram a few years ago, and in 2021 I started this shop. It continues to surprise and delight me that people want my art on their walls!

You can see more of my illustration and comics portfolio on my website.

If you like the things that I make and want me to keep making them, the best way to support me is to become a paid subscriber over on my blog.

You can contact me at lesleyimgart [at] gmail.com for commissions (or for any other enquiry).

Thanks for stopping by my shop!

About the originals

I draw most if not all of my comics on a piece of paper which I scan and then digitally edit (if there are spelling mistakes, irredeemable smudges etc) and colour. Therefore, the originals of my work sit in a weird category of being not the exact thing I would send to print or post on Instagram, but they are the closest thing to it. They have more character to them than a digital file because not only can you hold them in your hand, you can also see pencil outlines, pen tests, and all the other stuff that shows it was made by a human (me). Sometimes there are tears or stains or words (even entire panels) that have been cut out or taped over.

Sustainability and packaging

The best thing for the planet would be not to produce and consume anything - however, that does not bode well for my livelihood at the moment.

Therefore, I see it as my responsibility to at least source all of my materials as ethically and sustainably as possible, and be transparent about what my products and packaging are made from. 

My prints are printed right here in Edinburgh and picked up by me on foot - keeping me fit. :-) 

Comic books are printed in the UK. I choose recycled paper where possible for prints and my comic boks. 

Where possible, I am sourcing all new packaging from sustainability focussed UK businesses. Posting envelopes and backing boards are typically made from recycled paper and card. Where possible, I re-use envelopes/cardboard. 

Art prints are shipped in compostable PLA bags. This is because the art prints might otherwise get damaged in transit. Nativia® PLA is sourced from corn or other sources such as sugar beet and potatoes among others. Please dispose of it in a commercial compost where possible - unfortunately it does not break down in landfill. 

Please message me if you have any questions.